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  Epilepsy Awareness Month is Finally Approaching!! Alongside Breast Cancer, the disorder has no cure and it is very common. All in the efforts to raise money and awareness for Epilepsy, we conducted a Fundraiser!! For the month of November, Selfish Crew raised $200 for Epilepsy Research. All monies were given to the Epilepsy Foundation.

Litty For The Kiddies was a success again!! The kiddies brought the heat and they had so much fun!!!

“Our Superpower is dancing in heels!!” Women of all ages and sizes can come enjoy a fun and sexy class. Body Heeling is one of our specialty classes that we have frequently. In this class, we teach you a sexy dance routine in heels!! Heels are optional. We have danced to Powerglide- Rae Sremmurd, Peak-Drake, […]

The 80’s Extravaganza was so much fun!! Thanks for everyone coming out and celebrating the momentous event.

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