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Toning Party Class Information

What class will get you toned and leaned!?!! Toning Party is perfect for those who love to party while also working out! With great music and emphasis on toning and sculpting your full body, this class will have you sweating and smiling in 1-hour! All of the exercise moves are conducted to the beat of the music and Best believe, you will leave the class sore!

Toning Party Class Instructor


Jacuana Sykes

Hello beautiful people! I am Jacuana Sykes, owner, and instructor of Selfish Fitness Studio. I’ve always had a passion for dance, and at a young age, that same passion grew for fitness.

It was a no-brainer when the opportunity was presented to be a Zumba instructor. The format of the group fitness class combined everything I loved in one: music, dance, and fitness.

My love for Turbokick Live came in my adult years at a gym that I attended in Alabama. I was so impressed with the weight loss I endured by just taking this class for 3 months (20 lbs). I had to bring the excitement of losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle to my clients.

I just recently came up with the Toning Party Class! I love it!! It’s a mixture of rhythm and weights which are my two favorite things!!

I am so ecstatic to see all the smiling faces and life-changing results that all the Selfish members are going to see!

The moment is now. Time to be Selfish!!!

Isn't it time to be a little selfish?

Let's discuss a plan to get you on the right track to living a more Selfish lifestyle.
Focused on becoming a healthier you in order to help the core people around you.

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