Selfish Fitness Classes

Zumba Classes Tupelo

Zumba Classes

We take the “work” out of workout, by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party.

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Turbo Kick Class

Turbo Kick Classes

In every Turbo Kick LIVE class, you’ll incorporate real kickboxing moves with proper form and technique to get totally sculpted—no bags or gloves necessary.

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Step Aerobics Class

Step Aerobics Classes

Step Aerobics is an energetic choreographed routine class of stepping up and down on a rectangular platform.

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MixxeddFit Class

Mixxed Fit Classes

If you love Zumba and Latin Fusion, you will enjoy our MixxedFit Class. This class is a people-inspired dance fitness program that mixes explosive dance movements and boot camp toning.

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Latin Fusion Class

Latin Fusion Classes

Our Lation Fusion class introduces latin rhythms blending with urban, modern, jazz, and contemporary styles to create a fun calorie burning class.

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Jumpfit CLass

Jumpfit Classes

Filled with cardio, muscle conditioning, and fierce footwork it improves your cardiorespiratory fitness while developing a beneficial skill.

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Fitness Boot Camp

Fitness Boot Camp

Our Bootcamp class mixes traditional calisthenics (pushups, jumping jacks, squats. etc.) with body weight exercises.

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Body Sculpt Class

Body Sculpt Classes

Time to Sculpt that Body!! A one hour muscle-toning class designed solely to make your body toned is perfect for any and everybody.

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Yoga Class

Yoga Classes

Whether you require a pick-me-up or a pause button, we have a class that serves your mood. Full body relaxation, balance, and breathing techniques are the key for this class.

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